Original Programming as seen on Halogen® TV


Drum Heads

Mike and Scott Ciprari are young entrepreneurs who started in grandma’s basement and are following their dream of being the number one custom drum company in the world while butting heads all the way there.



Follow the dreams of young firefighters as they train to be smokejumpers for the honor of protecting our U.S. forests. Follow as they undergo harsh training and insane terrain to see if they have what it takes or risk facing elimination.


Jump Shipp

Award-winning entrepreneur Josh Shipp intervenes in a person’s life each week to inspire them to live out their dreams.


Noble Exchange

“Noble Exchange” takes up-and-coming celebrities on a journey to learn something they need in order to give back.


Roadworthy: The Invisible Children Tour

Four Americans and two Ugandans trek across the U.S. to raise awareness about Joseph Kony and the longest running war in Africa.


Surf Life

In “Surf Life” we follow wavehunter Hagan Kelley as he connects with surfers around the world – not just to catch waves, but a glimpse at the passion that drives their lives.


Tainted Love

“Tainted Love” exposes the dirty little secret that America is enslaving hundreds of thousands of children as sex slaves. Join the abolition effort as we fight to set them free.


The Un-Road Trip

Quirky eco-adventurer, Boaz Frankel, finds 100 unique ways to cross America without a car on a quest for alternative, sustainable transportation.